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Leaning on the horn , Cu stops the truck in front of the hospital and leaps out. Jacques opens the heavy front door, sees Cu, and dashes into the rain to his side.

"Good. You found them. Together?"

He's speaking English as though Cu knows it well.

"Sí." His eyes grow bigger and bluer as he stares at the doctor expectantly.

"You take Alberto. I'll help Despina. We'll just check them both over to be sure they're none the worse for wear."

Cu has plucked Alberto out as they speak, giving him quite a fierce hug as he passes into the building.

"Bueno," he calls over his shoulder just before the door slams shut.

The doctor, now dripping, takes Despina's arm to help her down, hustling her through the rain. "He could have used the ambulance entrance."

"Don't gripe. You've finally got PATIENTS, just days after complaining about having none. We shall, it appears, live to tell the tale."

More water in tiny sips, then black cherry kool-aid laced with extra sugar for Alberto, who soon is bopping all over the hospital, fascinated by everything.

Although Jacques is distracted, he says nothing. Cu catches his errant son and holds him, gently, but firmly, patiently, on his lap on the waiting room couch. Alberto is soon fast asleep against his father's chest.

Last updated 2/20/02, a palindrome of a date...

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