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Aural Hexagonal Kaleidoscope

List six songs, regardless of age, that meant something to you or in your life.
Song--------------------Recorded by------------------Album
1) Dream----------------Everly Brothers
2) Unchained Melody-----The Righteous Brothers
3) El Condor Pasa-------Simon & Garfunkel-------Bridge Over Troubled Waters
4) Let It Be Me---------Simon & Garfunkel
5) Señora---------------The Chad Mitchel Trio
6) Temptation ----------Everly Brothers

List the six songs you are listening to most often currently.
1) Perhaps Love---------Plácido Domingo------------Perhaps Love
2) The Last Trip Home---Davy Steele (Battlefield Band)--Leaving Friday's Harbor
3) Für Elise-----------Beethoven (arr. for orchestra)--Pandemonium Farm Video Introduction
4) Love No More--------Alan Reid------------------The Sunlit Eye
5) I Ha'e a Wife-------Battlefield Band-----------The Best of Battlefield Band
6) Seann Oran Seilge (An Old Hunting Song) Mac-talla--Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol

And my own addition:
List the last six songs you've sung (or tried to) and where or on what occasion.
1) Old Tattooed Lady--Kingston Trio originally--to the vet's wife Friday following a discussion of the huge leg tattoos her vet tech sports on the outside of both legs from ankle to calf (After the quote from Garrison Keillor about how in 40-50 years we were going to have a bunch of little old ladies running around with a bunch of unbelievable tattoos in the most unbelievable positions...)

2) Song of Oh -- original composition -- "sung" ("rapped?") to the new owner of two of my horses long distance Friday. (Actually, that happened after the vet's wife and assistant incident.)

3) The Arkansas Traveler-- traditional Elementary school song-- tried to sing it to myself one stormy night, but could only get through the traditional version, not the three verse version we originally learned at Byford, I believe, or maybe Park Forest.

4) The Last Trip Home--at first I was just trying to sing along, but I found myself singing it while I stood filling the water trough.

5) Temptation-- Everly Brother's version, but I was trying to remember the original tune, as well, but could not. (I was in the shower.) I was also thankful I live alone, as this song has some tricky key changes that I CAN'T DO A CAPELLA.

6) Poverty Hill-- Kingston Trio-- Another shower song, stopped because I forgot the words and could not remember them all. Then when I tried to play the old lp so I could refresh my memory, the turntable wouldn't turn... (heck, that unit is only 28 years old! It shouldn't go on the blink yet! It seems as though I just bough it.)

I could really do a separate one for the classical pieces, as well. (Für Elise; Peer Gent-- Sebelius (whole thing, but especially "In the Hall of the Mountain King" and "Solvang's Song"); Pictures at an Exhibition (whole thing); I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight? (Original Cast Recording) Lerner & Lowe Camelot(actually, this whole thing, too), You Are the New Day (The King Singers, New Day), Don't Cry for Me, Argentina (Andrew Lloyd in Evita)
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