pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Song of Oh

Song of Oh

Oh, he's proud of himself, he is,
OhMyNo, wonderhorse extraordinaire;
Oh, he bent steel in his bare lips, he did;
Oh, he went off a'courtin', he did;
Oh, but he blew "herd management", he did;
Oh, but 'twas but his first try, it was;
Oh, he brought home his "broodmare band", he did;
Oh, but its composition was a bit strange, it was;
Oh, he had two unrelated mares in it, he did;
Oh, but he had two half sisters, too, he did;
Oh, and he had his dam with him, too, he did;
But, oh, the clincher was the two geldings, it was;
Oh, my naughty, naughty children!
Oh, what sheer Pandemonium!
Oh, what perfect Pandemonium!
Oh, yeah!
    original composition by Pandemo, completed 6/30/05

The Bible has its Song of Solomon
Pandemonium has its Song of Oh

Not that the two are anywhere equal. Think of it as a parody, perhaps.

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