pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

And a Hi-OH Time Was Had By ALL

I wrote another song earlier this evening, around 10 pm or so, but didn't get around to posting it... I haven't done that for YEARS. OMYNO was my inspiration. He was out in the mare pasture at sunset, having himself a "hi-oh" time. Of the FIVE mares he brought me, one was his mother, and two were his paternal half sisters... and he threw in two geldings for good measure. Goofy, goofy guy. He really doesn't have this "herd stallion" bit down pat yet...

No bite marks on anyone, but... my lovely Coqet daughter Crem had two places rubbed raw on her twat... Great! She's old enough to have a foal, but she's one of the paternal half sisters, and HER dam's dam is his dam's sire's dam, so they're better than 50% of the same blood -- 66%? This is definitely past the time of night when my math skills are at their best...

I actually WAS toying with the idea of breeding her and her full sister Mocha this year, but to the nearly totally unrelated Raven son, Debut. Coqet, dam of Crem and Mocha, is a Raven daughter, so that would be LINE BREEDING to a line I know is clean, not inbreeding... and the cross would be more aesthetically pleasing if the offspring came out as expected... (Debut is a good three-four inches taller than Crem and Mocha, who are both shorter than their dam...)
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