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On Daring -- Eudora Welty/Thoughts and Rambles Sparked By Her Idea

All serious daring starts from within.
                                          ~ Eudora Welty

"I've heard it said that all serious daring starts from within.  I have to agree; at least, all my troubles seem to start with serious daring and be inseparable from ME, the essence of my personality, my..."

Okay, so now it is YEARS later, and I stumble on this while I'm trying to organize my stacks of quotes, get them on the computer, mark which ones were used in The Saga of Travels' Far Woman, even dividing them into ones used at the head of chapters in Book I, SummerCircles, Book II, Mountain Lover, etc.

But, at this point, I am unsure if I created the longer sentence, (which is certainly true, and possible), or I cribbed it from someone else.  Google was not very helpful.  I did discover who came up with the first part, a writer whose books I have here in the house and have known of for years.

When do ideas you were exposed to in your youth meld so fully with who you turned into as to become indistinguishable?

I think I've reached that point... Or maybe it's just the early onset of Alzheimer's...

Last updated 11/19/14 Located base quote, expanded on the idea of the original post.

Word Count: 198
Tags: quotation

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