pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Best Last Line In a Book Read During 2005

Eudora Welty in One Writer's Beginnings:
For all serious daring starts from within.

The rest of the contenders (unranked):

Sandra Brown in Charade:
"But she had quite a lot to do with yours."

John Le Carré in Smiley's People:
"Yes. Yes, well, I suppose I did."

Ernest Lehman in The French Atlantic Affair:
But then he would gaze one more time upon its heaped-up decks and the frightful cabin, and with a shake of his head, set his sails and continue on his journey, leaving the white boat to drift forever on the boundless sea.

Robert Ludlum in The Cry of the Halidon:
They were free.

Sidney Sheldon in Bloodlines:
Alec dies as the others had. In ecstasy.

Meriol Trevor in The Wanton Fires:
"You never can tell how children will turn out, can you?" said Miles, with some satisfaction.
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