pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Alphabetical Order?

With the coming of summer, I've been spotting more of the mares in heat after Debut's unexpected bonanzas in April.

The only three not noticed so far are Lucretia, Lyric and Leche (stable name for Forget-Me-Not). Did he breed in alphabetical order??? (Well, omitting the broodmatron Louise, a crusty older mare who would have knocked the young whippersnapper's block off had he come sniffing around without an engraved invitation.) I'd rather have missed them when they showed, as two are young mares easily bumped away...

City slickers visiting the farm at times like these go away with a whole new meaning for the term, "just horsing around".

It just occurred to me that people who don't know my herd still might enjoy seeing who I'm talking about... Each horse has at least one specialized web page with at least one photo. Obviously, since Lyric's is as a foal, some of the photos are not current...

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