pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


Today's shopping trip got canceled. J. called and wanted to bring M. back to ride again. He said she'd told him the next day both her butt and her boobs were sore.

"Wasn't she wearing a bra?" (I never notice things like that.)

"Yes, but it must not have been a very strong one. She's quite heavy there."

"Well, suggest one of those cross your heart things or something."

When they came, I deliberately looked, but did not see a particularly well-endowed specimen.

He took Angelina and she rode Adagio, a name she could not remember. It reminded me of J. when he first came, deciding Arpeggio was Alice for the same reason. I explained the two musical terms Adagio and Arpeggio. I don't know if it helped, or not.

We're on come kind of a roll, here. J. has brought her twice, ridden all over creation twice, and NOBODY has fallen off. No turkey buzzards, no whistling llamas, no falling over backward into creeks because the banks they attempted were too muddy and sheer? No rustling dried leaves on corn stalks (thank heavens, as it's WAY too early in the growing season for that ailment!)

Dare I say it? He'll be 24 this August. Has he finally grown UP???
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