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The blacksmith beat both the vet's secretary and the opening of the west coast Wells Fargo office. Would I switch the trimming of Angelina from early evening to in about an hour? So out I went and separated Angelina from the herd, letting her into the front yard.

When Coqet realized she was not on the other side of the fence, she went into super protective mode and drove Lina around the corner of the trailer before I got up there and got a halter on her. As I reached the deck to set the mail down, the phone rang.

The vet's secretary decided I probably was NOT going to be shipping semen to Australia anytime soon. She'd found the proper web site and downloaded 11 PAGES of detailed regs. A $260 fee to APPLY for a permit # (no guarantee of success -- that was just for the right to try.) An enormous list of diseases he had to be certified free of (two of which we'd heard of before), a sterilized stay (no mention of duration) in isolation in facilities that were a designated collection center, (she was sure no place in Wayne county would meet the stringent requirements, maybe no place in Iowa, or even the MidWest. The people and feed given to the horse also had strict regulations and had to be approved or appointed or certified depending. It was DEPRESSING.

Before I got Wells Fargo called, the blacksmith arrived, and Angelina was NOT behind the trailer any longer. I walked up to the bale pen, where the mare and colt were, then climbed over the fence and walked around the pond (found the raspberry and whatever the green berry patches are called, but NOT Angelina.) I un-hooded the car and drove down to the road. Half way up the hill, there she was, in a batch of wild parsnip... waist to head high.

I went back up and got P. He waded through the stuff and caught her. We trimmed her in the shade of the only tree that hit the driveway, Omyno came over, but backed off. Believe me, he EARNED his $25.00. His grandfather gave him something to wipe the sweat off his face when he was done. He's kind of a gruff old man, so I was tickled to see him do that.

When we were done, Angelina went into a stud pen, so she won't be able to take another dash down the road before I can get her when the hauler comes. The vet's office is going to mail the health papers, as they just saw her.

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