pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

One of Life's Little Ironies

On Father's Day, I got an upbeat email from Australia.
Pandemonium Debut
Sender: "J. and T." (removed for privacy)
Recipient: (removed for privacy)
Time: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 11:56:07 +1000

Hi, Debut is just lovely!!! Is semen available for export? I am in Australia. What would be the price in AU dollars? Is he throwing height? Also, is he homozygous tobiano?
So, today I contacted my vet's office, where the ever efficient secretary will contact the Federal office to check how to ship semen, and my bank. "I'm sorry, we don't deal in international funds." Since IBM, which is where my account is, is an international corporation, that was a bit surprising, but they ARE big on service. "Would you like the number of Wells Fargo? They might be able to help you. Oh, first I guess I should ask where you're calling from."

Upon learning that I was out of town, she hunted up an 800 number for me.

At Wells Fargo, I made Chris's day with the weird tale of a request for my stallion to become a father of a little Aussie on Father's Day. She had no idea how to convert US $ into AU $, but she had a handy little 800 number that would connect me straight to their Foreign Currency office. But, I was jumping right on the details this morning, and discovered the office was in the Pacific time zone. Not open for another 20 minutes or so.

The vet's secretary will call back...

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