pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Tooth Repair Day

Monday, as I ate the hard to chew breakfast of rice crispies with milk and a banana cut up on top, I broke off a corner of a tooth and part of the filling. Oh, what a way to start what was going to be a grueling set of days! Calling the dentist, I got an early appointment for Wednesday. I've had to wait over a week before, so I was happy. The secretary offered me pain med, but it is a 50 mile round trip over to pick it up. I passed. I need to lose weight, anyway. It's amazing how much you can do without ever letting anything get on one side of your mouth if you're in enough pain.

With the herd out in the front field, they don't need tubs of water run for them night and morning, and sometimes in between on these hot old days more like mid-July than early June. The Acord has a temperature display on the dash, so I noted as I headed to C'ville to the dentist that it was 81 degrees at 9 am. No wonder Oldgraymare and I were wearing out so fast!

I was in the dentist's office around an hour, and when I came out, it was 89 degrees. I tried to go to the library, but it was closed until 4. I got something to eat, but couldn't chew yet, so settled for a large glass of water, no ice. I wanted to get enough dirt to fill the tub Oldgraymare and I lucked into at WalMart Monday, coming for cheap milk and finding something I thought I'd have to go to Des Moines for.

I pulled up next to a huge pile of peat in plastic sacks. The sky was dark, the wind up, and the radio was giving storm warnings, 50-70 mph. winds, up to nickle sized hail, so as Curt Snook, the dj, quipped, if you owned a car dealership, you might be holding an unexpected sale if your area took a direct hit. "But, it will pass quickly -- 30 minutes or less."

My neighbor's husband runs the Hy-Vee nursery, and I could see him walking around with two different lady customers who stood out in the first raindrops, buying lovely looking plants, hugging them protectively as they dashed for their cars. E. would duck back into the building in between. The wind came up. All the little potted trees blew over. The sacks got horribly wet and gritty.

As I picked apart the bites of some KFC, I watched the rain pelt against the windows even on the lea side of the pile of peat sacks and decided I really didn't want E. to have to load those mucky sacks onto the leather seats... When the wind quit, I left without ever going in the store. That's the CHEAPEST I've ever gotten out of the Hy-Vee parking lot.

Driving home, I glanced at the temperature read-out: 67 degrees. By the time I got home, it was down to 66. I had NOTHING to unload but my purse, the mail, and a plastic sack with chicken wing bones and skin in it for the cats.

I bet when Oldgraymare and I were unloading the groceries from our little spree Monday, we were at least at that 89 degree mark, with full points added in for humidity. However, I was very thankful we did the vet on Tues. and the tooth on Wed. and not vice-versa. That shower might have felt great, but the barn lots at the bottom of the hill would have become a morass to wade through.

Today, the house seems way, way too quiet.

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