pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Vet Day

Oldgraymare and I were dreading having to go through the vet's visit to give all the shots and do the wormings. Due to the heat, the appointment was set for 8:30, and hopefully, we'd be done by noon.

They had two less than expected to do, as the two who had gone for preg checking the day before had been done while in the stalls there. Someone is looking out for the pair of us: the night before, J. called and asked if he could come by with a vet tech student he'd met who wanted to go for a ride. He volunteered the pair of them to help with the horses. The early hour was fine.

Both he and the vets were late, arriving within ten minutes of each other. Oldgraymare and I had again waited for the herd to come up, but without the lead mare any more, the herd came up late enough that we were just about to have to go out to drive them in. We had them locked slickly down below just because they will always walk through open gates. I called a group to me, opened a gate, and got them out in the yard. Shutting that small gate, I walked down, removed the electric wire, opened the side gate on the empty stud pen, and walked back up the hill just as the rest of the herd came around to see how the others had rated yard grass. Opening the big gate fully, every one of them came into the yard. I locked the gate again, then moved around the herd and began to push them down the driveway. Oldgraymare, who'd been showering, came out on the porch, which gave them a bit more of a shove in the right direction, blocking off the ability to run around behind the house (a VERY IMPORTANT block, as I've gone back and forth dozens of times trying unsuccessfully to cut them off before, and was very glad not to have to do it again.) The herd started down the drive, tried to turn and head back, but believed me when I said, "No" and continued into the stud pen.

The neighbor who was to deliver some bales of hay took one look and decided to wait a bit.

We stuck the finished horses in the other stud pen after getting one stud up the hill into an unused pasture and one locked in the back stall. Opening the pasture gate, OldGrayMare kept that part of the operation working smoothly while the vet tech ran the barn door. Jess and I alternated catching the next horse, generally having something ready each time there was a free halter. CR and Leche were the only two who caused much trouble, and while Jess took care of the haltering of Leche, the vets and I climbed the hill and did Coqet and son. They went back down with the car keys so OldGrayMare could drive herself back up the hill in style and comfort. I collapsed inside. If Jess had not been there, those last two would have been done later, or skipped. (The trip before this one, several others were also that ornery, but they came in first while I was fresh, and were the first ones done. We had no trouble with them. I just can't stay fresh long enough. It's frustrating. I keep thinking as more sell, eventually I'll get down to a number I can last through. I keep thinking, without the geldings, I could do it. But, I still have four geldings... three that should have sold the year 911 hit.)

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