pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Put a Smile On Your Face

Spring is in the air, and my mares' thoughts have turned to love. Senior stallion Pandemonium Debut has been walking around with a silly grin on his face all week. I've come home or woken up to him in with the mares FOUR times. None of the escapes were at his instigation, but he's certainly not above taking advantage of the openings the mares have given him.

He always will come right out and go where I call him to, but they've broken open the back barn door, gotten it off the hinges, gotten the front one (braced shut in his pen with a pole) up in the air and onto that old damaged water trough I feed grain/loose hay in (It was tipped onto its side). I hired a guy to help another guy put the doors back in working shape. No idea what that will run.

Most of the mares in there are his full sister, half sisters, or other relations... Only ONE mare is not tied in to him. At least he doesn't tear up and try to run off the geldings when he gets in with them.

Today, I drove to the little house, went through it to the pen, into the barn, called softly to Debut so I didn't attract the mares, saw him start toward me, so turned back into the barn, wound around the silver gate, opened the tack room, went in, opened the next stall door, where I had a handful or two of grain in a tub. He walked around the silver gate, followed me into the tack room and went right into the stall. I didn't even get my school clothes "horsey" (an unforgivable sin, you know...) There was NO hay in the pen, so I really hope the guys DID WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD. I'll be REALLY MAD if they don't feed him at least.

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