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Today, I heard that Lander got 15 inches of SNOW and Sinks Canyon 10... Fond memories of those places, all coupled to my cousin S. and his family family.

Are you far enough out on the flatland that you didn't get inundated?


We didn't get much snow in the past couple of days. While our precipitation included both rain and snow, I think the most snow on the ground at any time was less than an inch. The ground is pretty warm as our temperatures were in the 70's most of last week and Sunday I think I saw 80.3. The great news is that our 6 year draught seems broken. We finally have normal snowpack in the mountains and the reservoirs are full. That means the farmers can expect typical yields with their crops and/or can plant all of their acreage. This winter the water in Boyson reservoir got up to the causeway where the highway crosses just west of Shoshoni. That is the first time is
6 years! (One benefit is that the state highway department decided it was a good time to widen the causeway from a 2 lane road to 4 lanes.)

HAAP TABITHE (ROL RAVEN x EMLY) is due now to foal. LM EXECUTIVE will be the sire. I'll keep you posted.

My current construction project is a 100' by 190' arena. Right now we are waiting on 332 cubic yards of sand to provide a 6" base. St. is looking forward to showing in the local shows this year as well as the County Fair and our Class "A" show in Douglas. She still rides HAAP DEJA VU (ROL RAVEN x JOLIE VU) in Western Pleasure and plans to show HAAP THREE MOONS (BF PRINCE HALIMA x HAAP RADIANT MOON) in Halter.

While she has done OK, she cleaned up in February at the Wyoming State Winter Fair. They have 3 "breed" categories; Quarter, Paint and All Other. She exhibited in all other breeds, of course, but went home with 2 Grand Champion and one Reserve Champion rosette in classes that had at least 10 head. Also in February she (and I as a sponsor) went to Scottsdale for 5 days as a member of the Wyoming Arabian Horse Youth Association Horse Judging team. It was a great experience for her. In some ways I am lucky to be less than fully functional. Most "normal" dads can't do some of the things I get to do now.

I am sure you are looking forward to your summer break. I know my kids (and D.) are too.

HAAPy trails, S.

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