pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Putting Your Foot In It

OMYNO PANDEMONIUM got his foot caught between the gate and the fencepost between he and Debut last night. Then he added his other leg. As he was precariously balanced with a bow in his back and his front legs crossed, Debut decided his space was being invaded.

By the time I got down the hill, No was down, one leg hung. I called Debut into the front yard; No got back up, but I couldn't get him to move his body over so he could lift his foot off the fence. He went down again. I went up to call the vet, then started up the hill to see if Mike, whom the local gossips have moved back from Chicago, getting a divorce, fixing up the old Saltzman house (true -- visible from the road) and living there permanently, was there to help me, maybe with the bucket on his old tractor. He's also the closest neighbor. Mike's truck was gone and no lights were lit, so I backtracked over to the people with the llama.

Kenny and Sharon came with some wrenches and he eventually took the top of the gate down while Sharon and I stabilized it. (I had to keep going back to No to calm him -- he'd rolled over, was now upside down with the ankle firmly wedged, his belly all caved in. When he'd flail, Kenny was at terrible risk, as part of his body had to be on the same side of the fence as No to get at the hinge. All of us were wondering if he'd twist his colon and die anyway even if we did get him free, or how long he could get his breath in that position, or if he'd succum to shock, as he was soaking wet. The sun was setting, so the temperatures would also plunge. Nobody voiced their fears. We've all lost them before, in far less horrifying ways.

Then Sharon and I both lifted on the far end of the gate and the hinge burst free! No's foot went clear between the gate and post as we got the top loose, and the gate wanted to snap back in place. He began to scramble, so I had to dash back to his head, to calm and stabelize him. His thrashing put even more pressure on the gate to move toward him, which would shred even more of his leg. Kenny had to jump back to dodge his flying feet. I didn't dare move off his head.

Finally, all four feet were on his side of the fence. I got a rope around the front legs, then the hind ones, then Kenny pulled on the back ones from inside No's pen while I did the front ones from the other side. He rolled over and took several minutes to stand up and stagger around. We put the gate back up and waited for Dr. Gassman.

No's now in the front yard with holes in both front legs, but was walking sound this morning. Rob said he thought he'd have to have more steroids today. Great.

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