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D.H., the student who halter broke Boyoboy, looked up with a dead serious face in the middle of a chapter review and announced, "I saw two paint horses eating in the roadside ditch down at that neighbor's farm to the north where that black blazer lives."

I frowned. "That doesn't make any sense. Could you see the two studs in their pens? Were any others out?"

"I didn't notice when I went by, but it wasn't until after I'd passed that I saw the two up at the neighbor's."

(A few problems with this scenario -- on the WAY in to school, he'd hit that neighbor FIRST, then my farm... and when I left, about 30 min. at least before he'd pass, everything was quiet, calm, and all in place.)

"It doesn't make any sense. The two studs, if they got loose, would NOT stay together. The old one would drive the youngster off and go into my front yard to eat. If the rest of the herd got out, there'd be 20+, not 2, and all colors, not just pintos."

'When did you pass?"


I gave him a stern look.

"Last night, going home."

"Well, they might have been K's (a neighbor further south on the same road whose original Pintos and their purebred stud came from my farm, so are the same type/color.) But two spotted ones alone still doesn't make any sense. Herd animals HERD. They'd all go, or all return."

One of the girls asked, "Miss H, did you forget the date?"

Maybe I'll put a question on herding behavior on my next chapter test. We covered the topic pretty well, and EVERYONE WAS LISTENING...

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