pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Skunk Bashing

I've been trying not to feed after dark, and keep an eye out for the skunk, but the other night, he came right up quicker than all but two of the outside cats! I was furious with him, so I grabbed the plastic sack in the trash can, knotted it, and tossed it at him as he stood by the gate, waiting for me to shut the door. He bolted back underneath the gate. I kept the light on and the inside door open. It didn't seem as if he'd have had time to get around the side of the trailer, but he approached the porch from the west, climbing up on the second step of the porch. I opened the door again and shouted at him, brandishing a cardboard box. He left. That's the most aggressive I've ever been with him.

We're having WARM weather, green things already up, so why is he still hanging around? Good company???
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