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Roark's Descriptions -- Nora Roberts writing as J. D. Robb

As I read through Nora Roberts' future cop series about Eve Dallas, I was struck time after time by how close her description of the Irishman Roark was to what I'd written about Cu. I wanted to compare them better, so a few of them are enclosed below. Mickey is the known Irishman at the start of my novel, the policeman, but before I got to the end, Cu's father was also an Irishman. Despina herself is Irish, but doesn't make a big deal of her heritage.

Rapture in Death

Husband. It was still a jolt. 1 This man with the warrior's mane of black hair, the poet's face, the wild Irish blue eyes was her husband. She'd never get used to it. p.4

Vengeance in Death

"Eve darling."

Roark's voice, managing to convey welcome, amusement, and caution in two words, stopped her curled fist from lifting and following through. Scowling, she turnned, saw him just outside the parlor doorway. It wasn't the formal black that made him breathtaking. Eve knew he had a leanly muscled body that could stop a woman's heart no matter what he wore -- or didn't wear.2 His hair flowed, dark as night and nearly to his shoulders, to frame a face she often thought belonged on a Renaissance painting. Sharp bones, eyes bluer than prized cobalt, a mouth fashioned to spout poetry, issue orders, and drive a woman to madness.

In less than a year, he had broken through her defenses, unlocked her heart, and most surprisingly of all, had gained not only her love, but her trust.

And he could still annoy her. p. 15

Conspiracy in Death

Efficiency, elegance, power. He never lacked for any of them.

And when, ten minutes later, he came in through a side door, it was so easy to see why.

He could still stop her heart.3 Just the look of him: that glorious face, as perfectly sculpted as a Renaissance statue,4 was highlighted by eyes impossibly blue and a mouth designed to make a woman crave it on hers; his black hair fell nearly to his shoulders,5 adding just a touch of the rogue, and she knew just how strong and sleek that body was, now elegantly clad in a tailored black suit. p.32

1 ...and I'm SURE I'd remember if I'd ever had a husband... especially a knock-out like him! --"The Dream", second paragraph.

2 He could play the leading man in a movie, even in rags. It's a wonder... -- "The Dream", page 5

3 In "Vows", especially the discussion containing the line "I can't work for him."

4 Somewhere before she leaves Ye Lode Watering Hole her first night in Broken Lance. I'll have to research it more thoroughly.

5 The legs of the pants she always thought were so big hit him mid-calf. She burst out laughing. His long black hair hung loose around his shoulders, and the sleeves were just slightly too short.

Smiling at him appreciatively, her wayward tongue commented before she could stop it, "You sure clean up nice."

"Clothes make the man."

A startled bark of laughter burst from her. "So I've heard." -- "The Dream", page 5

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