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Future Foal Name

pukka, also pucka \PUHK-uh\, adjective:
1. Authentic; genuine.
2. Good of its kind; first-class.

He talks like the quintessential pukka Englishman and quotes Chesterton and Kipling by the yard and yet he has chosen to live most of his adult life abroad.
--Lynn Barber, "Bell, book ... and then what?" The Observer, August 27, 2000

If he does not have a house, the government gives him a pukka residence, not a... shack on the pavement but a solid construction.
--Salman Rushdie, ]The Ground Beneath Her Feet _________________________________________________________

Pukka comes from Hindi pakka, "cooked, ripe," from Sanskrit pakva-, from pacati, "he cooks."

Pukka Pandemonium just has a kind of ring to it that is hard to resist. I like the definition as well as the flavors added by its etimology.
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