pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Icy, Icy Everywhere, Nor Any in the Rink (parody of STC)

Today is our second "ice" day in a row. We only went 'til 11:45 on Monday because of a funeral. We started our ice that afternoon. I'm not sure, had we had a full class day, the buses would have made it back before it coated the roads.

I got up early and checked the door handle, found the water on it liquid, adujusted the plastic bag to keep off any build-up like happened last week when I shut the door and couldn't get back inside, and tried to get to the car in the driveway. While I was sliding along, I decided I was NOT going in right off -- I'd wait for the sander truck and follow him. I started the engine and crept back to the house.

The main phone line was dead. I knew the computer line was still working (for over a year, now, it has kept on working when the regular line would be out...) so I called the school again. No answer. By now, at least the cooks should have been around, so I began to think the call came in but didn't get through...

I called the superintendent, getting an answer finally after a LONG wait. I got his wife, who was in the shower. (It's okay, though -- we don't have vid phones yet.) He'd tried to call already last night. I then went around the house making sure the different phones on the main line were hung up properly. One was slightly off its base...

Is my face red? (Do I look like a CHRISTMAS DRAGON?)

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