pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Two Hours Late

So, I decided I'd go in at the normal time... Wrong. The latches of the car are recessed, (full) and truck doors were iced shut. I got both of the buttons to go in and out on the truck, but could not budge the doors. I called the superintendent.

Eventually, I broke into both passenger doors, got the truck started, but can't get into the driver's seat from the passenger side because of the deep bucket and steering wheel. I can't start the thing without holding down on the brake, which I can't reach from the passenger side. Guess there IS something about the little car I don't like.

I'm hoping the ice on the truck's driver's door will melt from the inside. Even using my shoulder, I couldn't pop it open.

The neighbor took the tractor to plow people out, but I'm not first on his list, evidently. The truck's high enough to make it down the driveway, which has some tracks still visible in places from yesterday. Of course, that still means I need to be able to get the ice off the windshield so I can SEE the driveway...

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