pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Skunk Again

By the time I decided to go down to the mailbox last night, it was after dark. I put on a light jacket I NEVER wear this time of year and set off, only to turn right around. Mr./Ms skunk was under the bench and came out looking up at me with the same expression the cats use.

Stepping back inside, I shouted and threw a trash filled plastic bag. It was so scared that it went UNDER THE PORCH instead of running off. This is one of the ones with the blacker tail (two are like that and one has the big white poof like the mother had.)

When I went out the next time, no cats, no skunk, and I got to the mailbox with no trouble. The check really WAS in the mail, so, Debe Ser Pandemonium and Pandemonium Arpeggio will be moving to Illinois...

The vet said, "If you sell off all the sweet ones,..." as he was drawing the blood for the Coggins test.

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