pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Effects of NAFTA

When I went to the bath room that evening, I found two fabric tears in the actual jeans material... Now, the label read "faded glory" and hecho in México. I read farther, and discovered they'd been ASSEMBLED in Mexico, from US materials. So, cheap Mex. labor = poor quality jeans? Nope. The seams held. Bad US parts = poor quality, with the poor Mex. workers taking the blame. Free trade is alive and well.

I've had two pair of these, and the first one ripped out along the zipper (fabric again, not sewing, so I'm off Faded Glory stuff. Can't remember where I got it, but I'm not going back for a third pair. Anyone can have ONE bad one... but two in a row is one too many for me at the price I paid.

My "old" jeans are doing just fine... and since they were the thicker material, and it's been cold, have been the main ones I've been wearing at school.

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