pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Avoiding the Holiday Rush

I always try to dodge the holiday rushed feeling, but sometimes it just jumps out and grabs you by the throat...

The last day of school before a break is always one of those days. I generally hibernate in my classroom with the pile of books I am currently writing the AR quizzes for and spell the folks watching the movies, but this year the principal gave me the "G" crowd. After some parental griping, permission slips were instituted, and those poor unfortunates who could not get them signed for a PG movie were relegated to the "G" room. BUT, I got the volunteer COWBOY crowd with my "G"... a John Wayne movie called "McClintock" which paired him with Maurene O'Hare of the red hair and fiesty reputation. I was going to work through it, but the kids asked to have the lights off, faced the video toward my desk (unasked for, as they all then had to turn theirs around,) and I watched... When the principal came in, he announced that we were watching the best movie of the bunch. (Elf, Shrek II, and Garfield were the others being shown, and one other "G" the science teacher brought in "The Lemmon Drop Kid.) I was supposed to have four, but one guy got out for an "appointment"... Three others signed up for Mr. R's movie, so everyone else had the rest. My three, normally pretty rowdy, laughed at appropriate times, asked to go NOWHERE, brought no treats (which, heaven knows, I did not need...) and popped up right on the bell, leaving a good half hour of movie left.

I finished it, thought better of grading, and just left my desk in a pile. I'll go in after Christmas and clean up, and probably work on the book(s) a bit, too. I still have not managed to finish off Book I, but worked on great chunks of II, a few chapters of III, and the first quarter or so of IV while I was doing NANO. Prior to that, I was wailing away at editing the parts of I together into a better working order. I keep adding. I know I'm not quite done, yet; the kitchen sink is still in the kitchen...
Tags: holiday, school

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