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Fertility Clinic Conversation (2/27/10; WC 485) Q

Fertility Clinic Conversation

People will forget what you said, and people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
    -- Anonymous

Glaring at the doctor skeptically, Despina inquires, "What seems to be the problem?" embarrassed to be officially singled out in this place.

Looking grave, the doctor pronounces in a solemn voice, "He can't perform," delicately skirting the issue.

Walking into the nondescript room, Despina stares, mouth agape, at the video the doctor has playing, then gives herself a shake and whirls, leaning aggressively to face him, hands on her hips, face heating as she shouts.

"You're dealing with a mature Indian male with 68 naturally-conceived children, all Indian, by the way, except the two not sired out of tribal obligation. To stimulate him, you provide a vapid video of White teenage females dressed in scanty Victoria's Secret lingerie in puerile poses that might be erotic to White teenage boys, then doing a strip tease that would make a Baptist minister blush. One look at the guy ought to be enough to convince you that the culture's all wrong for that to stimulate him."

Noting the baby food jar dangling from Cu's hand, she asks, "Where's the gallon jug I gave you?"

"Get serious.” A pained look crosses the doctor’s haughty features. “That large baby food jar will be plenty," he proclaims stridently.

"Then, to compound the problem, you insult his ideas about his capacity. I'm really impressed! If he thinks he can fill a gallon jug, find something that size, sterilize it, and use it!"

"That's ridiculous," the doctor sneers, daring a mere mortal to challenge his Godly position.

"Then why'd you call me in here?” Despina says, no longer shouting. “You've wiped out getting him to 'perform' so far," she concludes forcefully, determinedly standing her ground.

"I thought, since he came in with you, that maybe you could..." Watching her face change color, the doctor stammers to an embarrassed halt.

"Look, the waiting room is full of willing Indian maidens and matrons, all here because HE came in to make a deposit. The Stone Circles Reservation doctor brought them to be inseminated. I'll see if any of them will help him out. I am not on the menu today. I'm here only as a community service to solve a problem."

Opening the door, Despina does a double take. Adriana has joined the group, sitting off to one side with Paul Peter. I thought she and Cu were living together. Why would she come? Come to think of it, I've never seen HIM come out of her house, only Alberto and Sarita, during the day.

Before she can motion Adriana over, the doctor says, "Not to put too fine a point on it, but when I asked him what he needed to get this show on the road, he asked for YOU. I'll go sterilize his JUG."

Last updated 2/27/10 Added “tells”. 2/4/10 Changed Eying to Glaring, Noting. 2/3/10 Added “tells”; changed Cheryl to Adriana. 9/11/04 Added only; 9/10/04 Quote added)

Word Count: 485
Tags: sotfw - sc

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