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I had tons of super real-life interactions this weekend. The main phone line went out Wednesday, so I could only call out/accept incoming calls on my computer line, which has a cheap little $30 phone on it. The tone quality is so bad that even without the ear infection I am running, I have trouble hearing on it.

Now it has developed a NEW wrinkle. It has two dial tones superimposed one on top of the other. So, you dial on one, it connects, and you talk over the other one... It plays havoc with the speed of the internet connection, and makes it irratic to connect at all. When the phone company no-showed for Friday, I figured it would be Mon. before I could get it up and running, but Saturday, around 9 am, the phone company fellow showed up. He hung in there until the main phone was working, then said he still had 9 outages, and to let them know what was still not working well/at all on Monday. Great.

We have a snow storm heading our way.

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