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Fan For Years

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San: I was able to locate both of these cards. The first is called The Model by Ozz Franca.
It is no longer available. I did a google search and found it listed as a print on and

also at (The Model)
and also at

I haven't any idea where you will find a card since cards are not usually something people
hang onto.

The other is a sympathy card by Hermon Adams, # SY19924. It is still in print. It's only
available from the wholesale division of Leanin' Tree if you can't find it in the stores,
and if you want to buy it, you would have to buy in quantity (minimum of 6) but I'm not sure
how the wholesale division would handle this.

There are two things you can do: one is to call 800 525 0656 (it's toll free) and give the
operator your zipcode. She will tell you what stores near you carry Leanin' Tree cards. Then
you can call the stores and ask them if they have that card number (tell them it's a
sympathy card to speed things up.)

Two is to email the Leanin' Tree wholesale division and see if they'll sell you some in

You have the product number, so just give it a try. Be sure to tell them you're a retail
customer, not a wholesaler, and see if they can help you anyway.

Sorry I haven't better news. Ozz Franca's art is tremendously popular, even though he
died in 1991. He was very much imitated, too, by artists like Lee Bogle. Franca's prints
still sell for a fairly high price. I'd keep watching eBay and see if any cards or
prints with The Model on them turn up. We haven't produced that particular card for
several years.

Thanks for being in touch--

Sara Sheldon, Associate Director
Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art
800 777 8716
Direct line: 303 581 2194
Fax: 303 581 2152

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From: San
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 1:19 PM
To: Art Museum
Subject: Re: Fan For Years

On 8/27/04 12:57 PM, "Art Museum" <> wrote:

> San: Thanks so much for your kind words. This is a tall order, tracking these down, since
we do so many (4,800 images every year on greeting cards) and without knowing the
artist it will mean quite a bit of searching. Give me a few days--maybe a week. I'll
see what I can do.

> Regards,
> Sara Sheldon, Associate Director

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> From: San
> Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 7:27 PM
> To: Art Museum
> Subject: Fan For Years
> I have been attached to your cards ever since I can remember. Now that I have gotten a
little "long in the tooth", I mail my friends the "Patch, Patch, Patch" get well card.
> Another of my favorites are some of the Indian cards I have sent friends over the years.
One artist is from CA, and worked from black and white photos. I can't remember his name,
or the name of the painting I fell in love with. An Indian male in red headband, feather,
and blanket draped over one shoulder, hand on his leg on the left side, clutching the
blanket to his waist on the right, looking down.
The other one I'm trying to track down is a sympathy card. The Indian is in loin cloth,
holding a pipe aloft, standing on a magnificent western cliff with a very dramatic sky.
> Do you have any ideas how I can get more copies of those two? I couldn't locate them in
Native Americans on the web page. I can't imagine putting them anywhere else!
> San

And I will hunt for the original cards, which had beautiful artist info on the back.

The artist of the first one was working in California in the 30's-40's, worked from black and white photos so he could add his own colors, and his daughter was also mentioned. Spanish sounding name and worked in Mexico City, as well.

My girlfriend said she thought the second one was a birthday card, not a sympathy card...

I bought a copy of both of them at Nessen's Pharmacy in Corydon, Iowa, since 1976, if THAT helps narrow it down... LOL! (Where anyone can still buy Patch, Patch, Patch...)

WELL, the third URL was a place that sold limited editions. The Model is available in a limited edition of 1500 prints, 18 x 24, ships for 19.95, and only costs $799! Now on sale for $654.00.


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