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Notes (Where Does the Story Go From Here?) (11/23/14: WC: 520) SOTFW (all)


1. (Lightly done) Ragnar's group feels too cold and calculating. They need to come off as being in a war to save the world from itself.
   (begins in SOTFW-ML)

2. Justify among themselves why they believe they are right.

3. Lawyer is Luchino's twin. Luchino is NOT there -- recovering from his wounds in a military hospital in Germany. (SOTFW-ITD)

4. Ragnar shows up in the desert due to a diplomatic role in the Oslo Accords. (SOTFW-ITD)

5. When given one phone call, Pina calls Omar after hearing that Momma B died in an apartment building fire the night Carmine was shot. (Great. I didn't put down WHY, and don't remember now...) (SOTFW-ITD)

6. Humane society "rescued" her herd, disbanding them somewhere in NE. She especially fears for Coqet, who is older, blind in one eye, and was pregnant. Eventually, some are traced via the DNA on file with the Arab association as a sop to Despina to cooperate. Cortaj is brought to Norway for endurance racing, and leaves with Omar to contribute to his program in the desert. (Leanna was already at Mountain Fastness?) (SOTFW-MF)

7. Add scene "ever get to a computer, type in Pandemonium Pintos and Arabians", but without anyone paying the bill, the pages have been pulled. (SOTFW-MF)

8. If Cu dies on the top of the cave by the blowhole, broadcasting live via CNN: how can he show up again later?  (Apparently dies without confirmation at end of SOTFW-SC) (Resuscitated in SOTFW-ML)

9. Wrote something-entitled "Pinch Hitter" to replace what I moved. It had NOTHING to do with that title, renamed it "Waltzing Matilda" and seem to remember writing SOMETHING ELSE called Pinch Hitter, that also ended up with nothing to do with the title as far into it as I got. FIND IT. (SOTFW-SC) DONE?

10. If Cu gets killed, Mickey is the one who delivers Alberto y Sarita to her, courtesy of the tribe. Invites her to Alice & his wedding. Alberto makes a horrid adjustment to White ways. Sarita is just unbearably sad. At Thanksgiving time, they go back. (SOTFW-SC)(SOTFW-ML) DONE

11. Leanna tells Kenstrom about Despina taking care of their prime Arabian and Pinto stock, goes to show him the web site, and it is gone. She demands to know who's caring for the herd and gets hysterical when told it is some Norwegian caretaker, not her sister. She re-posts web page from Mountain Fastness (originals were on her Mac.) (SOTFW-MF)

12. Leanna tells Macon about Despina nearly dying and getting a total hysterectomy in her early 20's. This news causes Granton total grief?  What use if not able to reproduce... (SOTFW-ML solves this dilemma)  (check SOTFW-MF to be sure changes are incorporated)

13. Granton has Leanna authorize getting several of the broodmares to Mountain Fastness Coqet, Canta, Cariñosa, Louise, Mocha, Crem, Chime, Omnia, and a riding gelding for her to use -- CJ. (SOTFW-MF)

14. Despina turns up on the airwaves doing her "Scheherazade" impersonation with the weekly stories from Norway. (SOTFW-ML)

Last updated 11/23/14 Marked specific part of SOTFW is covered, labeled some DONE; started #14 in current project; 11/30/04.

Word Count: 520
Reading Level: 7.9
Tags: sotfw

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