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Brandon Gannon Speaks Out on Despina (11/30/14: WC: 258) SOTFW-ML

Brandon Gannon Speaks Out on Despina

An effect presupposes a cause.

~ Anonymous, but loosely after Immanuel Kant, in his First Critique

"This slight young woman from the land of the obese looks so unprepossessing that those who don't happen to bump into her at just the right time never learn what a mover and a shaker she really is.

"My first big career break came about because on slow news days, I'd seek her out and film whatever was happening in her life -- talking her future husband into donating sperm to his fellow tribeswomen via a safe sex option, sitting in the middle of the only road through the Stone Circles Reservation in northwestern Arizona surrounded by nearly the entire tribe as she finally accepted his marriage offer, even though the tribe members really felt that the previous two ceremonies had been quite adequate.

"Unbeknownst to her, her intended was sitting in the local town's jail, taking a rape rap for a fellow tribe member with his father's knowledge and blessing.  Then when he told the entire world about the corruption he'd uncovered at high USA government levels, he got shot right on camera for leaking that little spate of insider information.

"Her move to Norway has made the whole story international property instead of one just having a local impact.  Here, she's been involved in everything from winning a local endurance ride to custody battles over her late husband's half Indian children from a former marriage.  Her weekly radio broadcasts, "Scenes from Hearthside", have become a national pastime.

"Yet, she doesn't believe she's doing anything unusual."

Last updated 11/30/14 Added quotation; just the right time; corrected unpresupposing to unprepossessing; knowledge and; in nothwestern Arizona; having a local; a local endurance ride; changed just made it all to has made the whole story; he was; to her intended; 11/23/14 italicized safe sex, (removed quotation marks); Added to Mountain Lover (Pages) Collapsed, the desktop file of all things SOTFW-ML.  (The Saga of Travels Far Woman, Book II, Mountain Lover)

Word Count: 268
Reading Level: 12.0
Tags: sotfw-ml

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