pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Wheels of Justice (12/3/14; WC: 202 ) (Added to SOTFW-ITD)

The Wheels of Justice

The US military is facing pressure from the New York City Police Chief to present Luchino to explain the three New York murders he ducked out on before doing the proper paperwork the night he shipped overseas.  His boss is MAD.  His officers are not allowed to run off on top secret missions, leaving him to take the rap for botched murders and a possible case of arson that also killed Luchino's mother in apparent retaliation.

"What a fubar!  I want him back here instantly!  You're obstructing justice, and possibly shielding a murderer/kidnapper, although I'm not personally sure he's connected to that incident.  You can take care of it with me, or do it in the public eye, after the papers have distorted everything beyond recognition!  Do I make myself clear?"

"What don't you understand?  Your man is part of a special ops still ongoing.  All personnel have not yet been retrieved.  You'd jeopardize the safety of our men and women in uniform over this?  A drug lord and his body guards, two opposing gang members, and possibly the man's own mother, in retaliation, verses a legitimate undercover military operation undertaken in the interests of national security?"

Last updated 12/3/2014, added into main story line; changed to is facing pressure from the New York City Police Chief; added before; proper; apparent; 11/21/04.

Word Count: 202
Reading Level: 8.9
Tags: in the desert, sotfw-itd

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