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Overheated Incident in Citadel Jail (11/20/04; WC: 392) (Worked into "Not to Be") SOTFW-ITD
Overheated Incident in Citadel Jail
(Luchino, the surviving parts of his platoon, Despina and some natives are imprisoned in a massive ancient stone structure. The excruciating heat has made them restless.)

Luchino has been rolling around a lot, and his Arabic-style shirt is now bunched up above his waist. It is very dark, and with everyone asleep, this is not a problem until Despina turns over and curls into Luchino the same way she used to do with Cu on the log in front of the campfire. Her arm is dangling in front of him, and eventually, unconsciously, clutches the same piece of Luchino's anatomy that she did on Cu one night, much to the delight of Paul Peter, who teased her forever afterward.

Instantly, Luchino is awake. When he sees that Despina is NOT, he tries to relax, but it is impossible for him. Softly, he whispers in her ear, "Despina, I understand the need for reassurance and comfort, but, darling, this is neither the time, nor the place." Ruefully looking down, he continues in a huskier voice, "I'm not even sure I could deliver at present. In fact, I'm practically positive I could NOT. I guess I'll just have to take a rain check," he ends wistfully.

Sometime during this speech, Despina has awakened, become aware of where her hand is, and first stiffened, then hastily jerked it away. Lying rigidly beside him, she begins to mumble when he's finished. "Ah, Luchino, ah, I, ah, I think I know, er, what, ah, what you're probably thinking, and ah, er, under the circumstances, you've probably drawn an, er. ah, logical, but erroneous, conclusion." Fuf, do you think you could sound a bit more stuffy and pedantic? shouts her internal editor. "Maybe a story will help." (She relates the "holding your dong" incident,) ending up by saying, "The point is, when I'm sound asleep, in the middle of some sweet dream about the days leading up to my first marriage, I am totally unaware of what I am doing in real time. I'm like a somnambulist. I don't know what I'm doing. It was totally accidental and unintentional, not the sign of a secret longing surfacing. Well, that's not quite true. I do wish I were still with my first husband, not here. I'm still not emotionally over his death. I probably never will be."

Last updated 12/3/2014, added much of it to "Not to Be" in SOTFW-ITD; reworked WC: 466; 11/20/04.

Word Count: 392
Reading Level: 7.8
Tags: sotfw-itd

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