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Appendix I -- Cast of Characters -- The Saga of Travels Far Woman (11/27/04; WC: 2742)

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Cast of Characters

in Summercircles

Character's Names

I had no idea coming up with suitable names could be this hard. Every one I think of is also the name of someone in my past, who ARE NOT being alluded to in this story. (Those who were know it, as I TOLD them, sometimes letting them NAME their characters.)

Despina MacKenzie (Quantico) (Ericcsen) -- Witty, unpredictable heroine, free thinker, high social conscious, teaching grade school to the Stone Circles Reservation children in Vol. 1, and in Podunksville, Iowa, during the regular school year, where she has a horse farm... Not terribly good looking, but doesn't slow her down much. Accompanying the Iowa AEA Honor Students to Scandinavia in Vol. II, in Sequel. Visiting an old friend in Virginia, kidnapped in New York and taken into the Saudi Arabian desert (?never determined for sure, last known location) in In the Desert in Vol. III. The focus shifts to her older sister Leanna MacKenzie in Sequel's Finale, where her story runs concurrently with Despina's down to the finale, whatever that will be...

"Cu" Juan Geronimo Quantico -- Swore never to speak English again when government agents killed his wife while trying to get him and he returned to the Stone Circles Reservation where he'd grown up. Tall, handsome Native American believed to be the second son of Chief José Ignacio Quantico, and the medicine woman Dances Dreams Woman. Educated first at Diné, a Navajo college, then Harvard by the BIA agent John Quantico. In reality, a love child of John Quantico and the medicine woman, a secret that died with the two, until Despina and the blood testing incident. Cells from his decomposed body are used to regenerate him in the (as yet unwritten) second part of Sequel, but the memories are NOT intact.

Cherylyn -- Cu's wife who dies when she takes a bullet meant for him. Mother of Alberto and Sarita.

Alberto -- Cu's four year old son. Hyperactive Alberto is used as a runner to find people. With no phones, earlier in the CEO story, he leaves to get Cu, but is unsuccessful. Miguel finds him. Alberto, in a fit of jealousy, becomes the best people finder in the group. He guards his turf religiously.

Juan -- Son of Tomás Quantico and Cheryl HappyDog, but secretly wants to be Cu's. He calls out the children who then form a line and "beat lions from the brush" a la a story hour reenactment. They "beat out" two of three armed assailants. (Most of these seem to have landed on the cutting room floor, so to speak, as the book evolved.)

Sarita -- Cu's seven year old daughter

Dances Dreams Woman -- Cu's and Tomás's mother

Paul Peter Sorensen -- Skandahoovian with a back history with Despina
    Originally Paul Peter Johnson (Too common. Not Nordic enough...)
    Rasmuthason (Well, okay, but I can't spell that one... LOL.)
    -- Fellow Iowa teacher, Jr. High level, lush, loves blue-eyed blonds. Native American girls have crushes on him; he flirts, but is a secret racist. Exceedingly bright, but highly unmotivated, negative attitude, very cynical. Blond, blue-eyed, but not handsome. Comfortable with himself. Great social insight. Loves word play. Grew up in Minnesota on a farm, as did the MacKenzie family, but his ancestors have owned their family farm clear back before Minnesota was an official state. Somewhere in their back history, he used to date Despina, but there is now no love lost between them. (As it turns out, I couldn't spell either this one or Despina's last name the "normal" way, but LiveJournal's spell checker could -- even though it flags plurals of simple words and tries to correct them... )

Leon Deierling -- Wise older teacher in Despina's and Paul Peter's home school district in Iowa.

Michael A. Bellamy, Jr. -- Sheriff something Irish.
    Tex calls him "Bobbie", and policemen are traditionally Irish, at least in New York. I guess I am not letting a few thousand miles of misplaced geography stand in my way here...
    Sample names:
    Robert Mullaney
    Robert M. A. Bellamy (JVM)
    Finally becomes Michael A. Bellamy, Jr. (M. A. Bellamy) under the influence of JVM's funny song mishearing...

    Tex now calls him "Mickey". He is manly enough, however, that I doubt anyone will be tempted to add "Mouse". :)

Vi Bellamy -- Sheriff's widowed mother

John Quantico -- as described by the Sheriff, "When John came along, he went back East to college, making good contacts in Washington, which landed him a government job, then eventually began working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He fought the corruption and 'good ol' boys' network until the day he died. In his will, he left the property to the de la Sierras, as originally, the land grant their family held from the Spanish King included his property. This dismayed Tex, who had tried repeatedly to buy it for the water rights. Rumor has it that if the reservation Native Americans were allowed to live on the reservation and own land in the United States at the same time, he'd have left his land to the chief's children, whom he'd helped educate. The reservation only has access to the river in an 80' wide easement along both sides of the road. That precarious river is their only year-around water source."

Tomás Quantico -- First son of Chief José Ignacio Quantico and the medicine woman Dances Dreams Woman. Tall, exceptionally good looking, highly intelligent, but a drunkard. Slated to become the hereditary leader of his tribe when his father retires.

Ojos Claros Quantico -- "White Eyes" The boy child stolen to replace one killed by members of a passing wagon train. Eventually, he was "rescued", but ran away, returning to the chief and line where he now fit in. He'd been adopted by the Chief, and therefore had the Native American name Quantico.

Óscar -- Bartender in Ye Olde Watering Hole. (Originally named Juan, but everyone in the story was coming out Juan in some form. Sure, it's a common name, but enough is enough...)

Tex Johnson -- Owner of the Bar J Ranch. As big as Cu, drunk, married, not horribly bright like Paul Peter, obsessed with the heroine, who keeps throwing his married state up at him. He's a power to contend with in the community, but he married the money.

Nancy MacMillen Johnson -- Tex's wife, as sweet as he is ornery; worldly wise. Last of the MacMillen line, the original ancestor in the area was a rich robber barron who made his piles in railroading, then moved west to escape his past. Founded the first library in the Arizona Territory. (Patterned after the Carnegie Libraries scattered throughout the US).

Tony -- Irascible Sheriff's deputy.

Alice -- Local librarian, a legend in her time and place, universally respected. Married to the sheriff in Sequel.

Ellie -- Owner of Ellie's Café, friend of the sheriff.

Jacques Delano Rousseau -- Reservation doctor.

Bruno -- Married older German engineer who teaches science at Stone Circles High School.

Horst -- Married younger German engineer who teaches math at Stone Circles High School. Very Aryan looking.

Brandon Gannon -- Despina's CNN media contact. First encountered in "Liquid Gold". She calls him via the cell phone the sheriff has given her after the arroyo adventure, leading to his presence in "Road Block" and the helicopter's presence in "Cliff Hanger". He is transfered to Europe on the strength of that last interview with Cu, and bumps into Despina in Sequel at dinner on board a ship in Trovoli Gardens in Copenhagen, and follows her to Norway, where she steals a guard's horse and meets Ragnar.

Captain Roger Drake (sometimes called Dragon,) -- Cu's former boss; actively, albiet secretly, trying to kill him. The leader who escapes when the sheriff is officially invited onto the reservation by Juan, in Cu's stead. The others are then arrested at the time of the trailer fire.

Greg -- One in the tractor-trailer when it goes up in flames.

Francisco Pedro Onida de Castilla la Vieja -- One of Tex's cronies, sings "El Paso"

Eugenio Enrique Aguila de las Sierras -- Mariachi who plays el gitarón. Now owns the Indian agent's farm along the river, which was part of his family's ancestral lands generations ago.

Father Fran -- Catholic priest in Broken Lance.

Cyril McDougall -- Avaricious owner of the local hardware store.

Mrs. Townsend -- Calling Circle coordinator for Alice's local Broken Lance church (denomination not specified)

Judge MacFitz -- prejudiced in the extreme against Indians

Miscellaneous Native Americans:

Cheryl HappyDog -- "Mothers" Alberto and Sarita for Cu; hopes to marry him before Despina comes.

Guillermo -- Young Native American, Despina's student, who is a good artist.

Miguel -- Another one of Despina's students, a gossip and a pyromaniac. He sets fire to the federal trailer in version #1. The operator, a timid, decent sort, is killed instead of being smoked out as Miguel imagines will happen.

María -- La Ciega, the ancient blind Native American who "sees all, hears all, and lets all know her opinions on it in no uncertain terms."

Miguel's dad -- best tracker

Spotted Dog -- second best tracker

Charley Lone Eagle -- older drunk who "fishes".

Gregorio Falcón Indian who gets arrested

Mateo Tries to protect Inéz and gets arrested

Inéz Indian Tex attempts to seduce.

Toño -- One of Paul Peter's English students, reads Sam's Sexual Delights

Miscellaneous Iowa students:

Aaron -- appears in "Prologue: How I Came to Write This Book"
Jerry -- appears in "Prologue: How I Came to Write This Book"

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Fictitious Locations Needed on a Map For Summercircles:

Fictitious Oklahoma town - Broken Lance, named after hearing a newscast featuring Broken Arrow, NE., later moved to Arizona because I needed the southern type of cactus found there for part of the plot I didn't want to change.

Changed to Stone Circles, supposedly representing the leftover bases of kivas archaeologists have uncovered in the area.

Mound is another town on the reservation, also very small, and further into the reservation.

Maybe Broken Lance is the White town by the Stone Circles Reservation, and Stone Circles the place where Despina works... (*Twink* Make It So...)

Broken Lance

MacMillen Memorial Library

McDougal's Hardware

Blissful Rest Motel
-- located behind Ye Olde Watering Hole tavern.

Ellie's Café

Broken Lance Law Enforcement Center

Joe's Garage

Ira's Grocery and Goods

Jonesy's Laundromat

Ye Olde Watering Hole -- Tavern, only air conditioned building in Broken Lance.

Bar J Ranch -- Originally the home of the MacMillen clan, now owned by Tex and Nancy, five miles west of Broken Lance.

Catholic Church

Baptist Church

Presbyterian Church

Vi Bellamy's house -- Graceful old three story ancestral home of the Bellamy family, now divided into apartments on the top two floors to provide rental income.

Alice's house

Stone Circles Reservation

Mystery Mountain

Spirit Mountain

Stone Mountain

Stone River (Río de Piedras)

Man-Eater Arroyo -- Deep arroyo on the south side of the ridge of hills protecting the Stone Circles Reservation to the south, renowned for sides so steep people can't exit easily. (Check for hyphenation -- fixed in Dramatic Voices.)

Mound -- Junior and Senior High School building located in old wooden trading post there.

three adobe hovels -- newly built to house the teachers, 1/2 mile southwest of the conical stone hovels of the original town.

Stone Circles Reservation Hospital -- a piece of US territory another 1/2 mile south of the three adobe hovels.

Cu's stone hovel.

Cheryl's stone hovel.

María's stone hovel.

Genio's hacienda on Río de las Piedras -- original home of John Quantico, the Indian Agent.

Dances Dreams' cave -- Located in the ridge of hills running parallel to the road into Broken Lance.

Stone Circles Elementary School -- a non-existent facility when Despina first comes to the reservation that becomes a circular roof mid-way between the teacher's adobe hovels and the hospital, thus the first "Indian" structure on the road from Broken Lance to the reservation.

waterfall, pond and cave -- at the headwaters of the Río de Piedras, where Stone Mountain, Mystery Mountain, and Spirit Mountain's foothills meet.

In Sequel:


Fran and David -- married friends Despina stays with before she begins her Scandinavian trip.


Flaming Princess -- the media's name for Despina because of her hair as she rides.

Ragnar Ericcsen -- "Mr. Stable-Hand", the Norwegian Despina finds herself falling for -- studied at Oxford in England. Leeneh supplied the information that Ragnar means Wise Warrior. Perfect!

Tore -- Ragnar's bondsman/bodyguard, works with the machinery. Tranquillo let me know his first name, Olaf is generally Olav in Norwegian, and only used in very OLD texts... so with her good suggestions, I moved on to Tore, a form of Tor, the Thunder god known in English as Thor (responsible for THORSday, our Thursday), also appropriate...

Queen -- of Viking descent, in a separate time line from our reality. Kristina?

Svein Borgland - tour guide from Copenhagen, Denmark. From Leeneh: No, Sven is a good all-around Scandinavian name! A Norwegian version is Svein (more common than Sven). Unless I'm totally off here, its meaning is 'unmarried man'.

Eric -- Introduced as the Viking priest; rags Ragnar about his sexual prowess. Consort of Kristina?

Olav -- Stable hand asked to serve as taxi driver. I'm not sure I named him anywhere else but here, yet.

Egil -- Queen's agent in America. He's the one finding/stealing the bones in America. Norwegian translation: the edge or point, a sting.

Jens -- Guard in winter cabin. Danish/Norwegian translation: God is gracious. 

Aksel -- Guard in winter cabin. Norwegian translation: The father of peace. A form of Absalom. 

Pronunciation of Norwegian boy's names:

US Embassy flaky and secretary -- as yet unnamed. No plans to change that, but one never knows who wants time in the lime light, it seems.


Sofia -- seamstress, servant. Fits Despina for dancing/attending a concert in the presence of the Queen.


German quartet conductor -- unnamed as yet.

Brandon Gannon -- needs to acquire a name before the Scandinavian winter sets in... he becomes increasingly important. (Or get Brandon Gannon assigned to a "new", more important "World" beat based on his cool footage of Cu's final speech and presumed death.) (*Twink* Make It So.)

Tour Members:

Evelyn and her husband, Joe (news... con't). Did I name him? If so, make a note here...

Jane Paterson -- chaperon, wife who is about Despina's size.

Mr. Paterson -- the gadget man -- palm pilot computer; played professional football.

Karin -- another chaperon and wife.

Suzanne -- highly intelligent, talented Iowan high school student, classical music buff, a long haired blond who is nearly as tall as Mark, and extremely graceful.

Mark -- highly intelligent, talented Iowan high school student, classical music buff, plays for the Ottumwa Symphony Orchestra, a willowy, tall towhead with a curly, longish mop and almost delicate looking arms and legs; favorite teacher and husband lives on a farm, teaches both French and Spanish; used to live on a farm; mother drives combine, good cook; sister, renowned for the time she burned water, catching the kitchen on fire...

Tom -- highly intelligent, talented Iowan high school student, classical music buff, later rooms with Mark.

Brian -- Iowan high school student, buffoon.

Sherri -- Iowan high school student, wears watch.

Daniel -- Iowan high school student, gets sea sick.

Glenda -- Iowan high school student, purse gets stolen.

In the Desert

Arabic masculine names:

Iranian Boy's names [Some in Arabic, marked (A)]

For the stallion:
Bahir -- Dazzling, brilliant

For his rider:
Mu'tazz -- Proud, mighty
Omar -- Long life, first son, most high, the Prophet's follower

For the pilot:
Habib -- Beloved
Halim -- Mild, gentle, patient

For the father:
Rashad -- Integrity of conduct
Rashid -- One of good council; rightly guided, having true faith

For the young girl who cares for Luchino:
TannAz (A) -- Coquettish

Omar's mother:
Ashraf (A) -- Nobler or Noblest

Another Omar brother:
Saqr -- falcon


Edoardo "Cap" -- head of the "secret mission".

Maria, Pete, Joey -- other members of the force.

Rafe -- mission commander.

Carlo Ricci -- corporal.


Named the Police Officer: -- He turned out to be Italian... Daniele Luchino Fontana. Goes by Luchino instead of Daniele. Has as yet unnamed and unintroduced twin brother who is a lawyer and looks down on Luchino. When Despina gets out of the country, Luchino sends her to him for protection. She lives IN his office for a while.

Momma B -- Luchino's mother.

Roy the Blade (Originally Roy-O) -- little brother of Carmine -- gang leader of the RedBloods.

Carmine -- the drug lord in NYC.

Lenny-O - member of a rival gang, the Razors.

In Sequel's Finale:

Mountain Fastness:



ELM Trio

Bruel -- One of the inner circle, Leanna's original guardian.

Granton-- Leader of the inner circle.

Cleten -- Another of the rulers of the inner circle; friend of Granton.

Kenstrom-- Runs the animal compound at Mountain Fastness

Dick Johnson -- Head of collections for the Northeastern Sector for the inner circle.

Big Brother -- Complex system of computers and cameras that riddle Mountain Fastness.

Guardians -- A group of inner circle people who are assigned to keep those not privy to their knowledge from suspecting that there is anything more to the group than there appears to be.

(Added In the Desert) (2/7/04 added reference to the trilogy of Despina novels that now exist)
(Added some to Sequel's Finale, the 2004 NaNo novel designed to finish sequel, sort of... )

Last updated 11/27/04.

Word Count: 2742
Reading Level: 8.1

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