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Be All That You Can Be (11/27/04; Word Count: 538) SOTFW-MF

Be All That You Can Be

"Macon, what do people here do? The only one I've ever caught working at anything is Kenstrom, and I've explored a goodly part of the tunnel system around my room, now.  I've seen no manufacturing, no offices, no shops, and not even that many other residences."

"Hum, I guess I never thought about it.  They mostly do their true work, free from the daily pressures the real world stresses their brain with.  There's a few extras, like what Ethan and I do outside -- did you consider that to be work?"

"Well, if you were out there hunting, you sure never came back toting what you'd caught/killed, nor smelling like fresh animal anything, especially not blood." I'll NEVER forget the sight/smell of Tore gutting and skinning the meat we ate that first night in the cave! Rattled, Leanna's face displays her alarm. Despina's!  And we're not even close any more, nor reliving a shared experience.

"From that cute wrinkle of your nose, I deduce that you are NOT volunteering to gut and skin out whatever we catch/shoot?

He leans closer, leaving Leanna the impression that if they were not standing in the lobby with many other people about, he might have kissed her. At least he's respecting my wish not to make public displays. Reflexively pulling her head and shoulders back a bit, she begins a family story to distract him, since she does not want to try to explain how she suddenly came to have a very vivid memory that is obviously DESPINA's.

"The rule my mother started on our farm was, 'If you expect to eat it, bring it in cleaned and gutted, and DON'T complain about the finished concoction.  She also insisted that if you caught it and did not set it free, unharmed, you HAD to eat it.  Well, she backed off when someone live trapped the SKUNK..." I can't even stick on one tale.  I need to shut up.  I'm rattling all over the place.

"Oh, I think I want to hear the rest of that story, but I have to get ready for our next tour of duty."

"Just one more quick question, then.  How do people know what their 'real work' is?"

Perplexed, Macon stares at her.  "Well, what did you get recruited to do?"  She doesn't even get the word her mouth starts to form out before he continues, even more puzzled.  "What did you put on your application to convince the inner circle that your brain had something to offer here?"

She shrugs eloquently.  "I never heard of this place before.  When Kenstrom was talking about their breeding program, and I asked what it was called, as I was surprised that I hadn't heard of it, he shut up and ran off as if I were poison."

Ethan calls more loudly, demanding that Macon get a move on it.  Shaking his head in confusion, Macon responds, realizing from his stance that this is NOT the first time he's called.  He walks off, mumbling to himself, "No orientation tour, no ID number, no application -- this just defies explanation!  Bruel and I are going to have some WORDS!  Ethan and I can't keep going out underfed when the real winter hits."

Last updated 11/27/04.

Word Count: 538
Reading Level: 6.4
Tags: sotfw-mf

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