pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Title Change

In the interests of Truth (Freedom, and the American way,) I just changed my book's title to The Mackenzie Family Chronicles, since I did not seem to want to stick solely to Leanna's life, the missing events in Despina's adventures in Sequel, or leave the editing of the book I wrote first and stopped on when I first joined NaNo...

It's all the fault of that rule that says it has to be a NEW book... If we're trustworthy enough to count our words, why not count what we ADDED to old projects?

Leaping disorganizedly all over the place was giving me plot problems that I was spending my writing hours trying to resolve into ONE coherent plot... Well, heck, why not a grandmother sitting around telling Thanksgiving day stories while she prepares her part of dinner, listening to all the gossip with first one, then another, and getting constantly interrupted by her audience's questions, which bring back memories from anywhere in the three existing books' story line...

So, what sects of Muslims DO practice circumcision? (Needed as a clarification of a plot point on the 2003 NaNo novel In the Desert.) And how in the world would a basically-shy-about-sexual-matters, Midwestern, non-Muslim female research that?

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