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Morality (11/10/04 WC: 399) SOTFW-ML


How can I keep losing my head with Ragnar like I seem to? I've never been "easy", and I certainly can't lay the blame all on him! I just seem to flare up at the slightest touch. Hand, eye, voice, everything seems to just set me off. How can eye contact, even at a distance, affect me so? I'm behaving totally irrationally. I'm surprised Evelyn hasn't taken me aside and had a little friendly chat about the example I'm setting in front of the students.

Despina, having argued herself to a standstill, gives a shrug and says aloud, "At least none of this is going to be all over the gossip circles in Iowa. Teachers are living about 50 years behind the rest of society when it comes to what the public will accept in morals."

And I'm not even letting myself thing about what happens if Cu had turned up alive, instead of dead. I started with Ragnar BEFORE his body was found. If it is really his. They'd have to be pretty sure it was to do a news story like that about it, wouldn't they? Hummm... Or maybe not, if it were deemed newsworthy. I'd better ask Brandon about that.

Glancing up, she spots the now-familiar figure of Ragnar heading toward her, the briefcase in his hand.

"Done for the day?" he inquires with a quirky smile. "I have to shuttle on to Finland, tomorrow. Where are you headed?"

"Ah, would you believe, Helsinki?"

"Great. You can keep me company." So saying, he puts her arm through hers and pulls her into his taxi back to the Grand.

In the morning, she hurriedly catches up with the tour group just as they are boarding the plane to Helsinki.

"Ah," says Svein, looking at her with open curiosity, "where did you dump the Prince off this time?"

"He says he's got to go to Finland. Queen's business. Not being in the 'concort' business, I decided there's safety in numbers."

"You don't know the Viking legends where females are concerned. They may have a 'civilized' veneer over them, now, but they always get their woman in the end. They no longer rape, pillage, and burn, but they are just as deadly, ultimately. He's got his eye on you, Queen's business, or no."

With a somewhat forced laugh, Despina shrugs off his warning as so much male bravado.

Last updated 11/10/04.

WC: 399
Reading Level: 5.2
Tags: sotfw-ml

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