pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Come-On to Sharp Witted Friend Whose Opinion I Value

Have I been keeping you abreast of the progress of the novel I have been working on off and on since sometime in high school? (It has been so long, the fact that I am "writing a book" has attained the status of a family joke. Everyone up 'til now has had a "Just humor her" attitude, but now, bits and pieces of it are involving THEM, sometimes more personally than is polite...)

It wants to come out, NOW... and it is school time, so I can't devote the time it needs to it right now.

Of course, as its creator, I find it terribly witty and fascinating. Obviously, I need some quick witted reparté‚ to take me down a peg or two. You game?

The pieces are sometimes posted at that spot... but just to make things interesting, they are in RANDOM order, and frequently don't get updated, subdivided, or corrected as people's feedback refines the prose...

Current Mood: Feigned indifference
Current Music: Still the Ellington tribute</font>
Tags: novel excerpt

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