pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Telephone Day

Before email, every Saturday used to be "telephone day". I'd get back-to-back calls, then when the option for call waiting came in, overlapping calls all day, until by evening, my ear felt as if the phone were an attachment that would have to be surgically removed.

I did not realize how liberating email is! I can call it up when I feel like dealing with it. Every call I had was a "good" call, either funny or helpful, or both, but by 10:30 pm, I was ready to HANG UP. Guess I'm just not into marathon listening any more.

The last call was from a friend I have not been able to catch at home all summer, but whose home number no longer worked. C.W. had no particular reason for calling, except that on the way home from church, she noticed that my light was on. We had a lovely LONG conversation, in which she'd said she'd like to have me over for supper some Friday night.

Now, Fridays are the most stressful of the week, with me staying until I have most, if not all of the papers graded and the lesson plans handed in. She'd picked that night because she already would have the house cleaned up for their sabbath. I can appreciate that! So, I acquiesced, and suggested she pick a time. When she remembered that my birthday was coming up, she decided that next Saturday would be the day... so, I guess I lied to B. when I told her today that I was just going to ignore it and maybe it would go away. The best kinds of birthday presents are things that were going to happen anyway that are therefore no extra work, but will bring joy to both...

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