pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

No Glasses and the Long Arm of the Law

At 11:30, concern for the nearly $50.00 worth of groceries still locked in the car prompted me to again try 911 to see how late in mid-morning the deputy would be coming to unlock the car...

Then, as I was dialing, I thought, "No, I should use the regular sheriff's office number. This really isn't an emergency."

So I hung up and checked the emergency numbers in the front of the phone book -- all 911. I was looking up "Wayne, County of" and trying to find the sheriff's office by the difference in the line length between the words "courthouse" and "Lafayette St." and follow it across sans glasses when the phone rang.

"Sandra, we just had a 911 call from your number." Wow! I'm impressed. I'd dialed, then instantly hung up... I knew somewhere back in the back of my mind that they could track 911 calls, but I didn't realize they could track HUNG UP 911 calls...

I had turned on the computer to post this astounding feat of technology when the Acura's car horn started honking insistently. (The computer hadn't even finished booting up again, yet. For the significance of that piece of information to register, you need to understand that I am 17 miles from the town the sheriff's office is in.)

Popping out the door shoe-less, I was amazed to see the sheriff himself, not the promised deputy, had unlocked the car. I had not seen him personally for a few years, so was surprised how gray he'd gotten. (If he had the same reaction to me, he hid it well, as I hope I'd done.) I'd bought hay from him, but he'd delivered it while I was at work. He informed me with a straight face, but a mischievous twinkle in his eye, that the car alarm also worked.

I told him I had called in again because I was concerned that it might be getting too warm for the groceries to still be good, and related the honeymoon story for the locksmith's number. He drove off laughing, after giving me the opinion that the milk would still be good.

As I grabbed the gallons, I felt that he was right. They've been warmer on hot summer days just from the 25 mile trip home.

Yeah! Lunch with MILK!
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