pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

George on Hurricane Timeline

Here's the nitty gritty on our Hurricane Ivan experience.
!. Wednesday 8 PM the power went off.
2. Water and phone continued to operate
3. Lit candles in kitchen bathroom and bedroom.
4. Retired at 9 PM.
5. Noise generated by 50 to 70 mile gusts made it difficult to fall asleep.
6. We woke up when oak tree fell on roof creating loud noise and shaking entire house.
7. Went to sun room and to our dismay saw numurous branches hard against windows. This spelled trouble.
8. Storm cleard area by 8 AM with some sunshine.
9. Hired tree surgeon to remove tree and hope insurance will pay the tab. Will need a new gable and shingles.
10 We found that life minus morning coffee, television and use of computor requires some adjustment.
11.We hope and pray we've seen the last of the Ivans
Best regards, Em & Geo.

I intend to work up one nice sounding piece from all the snippets, but so far, I haven't had time. So, maybe this is just getting stored here for safe-keeping.

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