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Reactions to Despina's Rattlesnake Totem

September 18, 2004 23:07

It was Thanksgiving. I was eating at L's. R. and A. rounded out the table. I was telling about needing recipes for how to cook a rattlesnake. I was pondering how to get it into cookable condition without a knife, as on vision quests, I was not sure people were allowed to have even that small a weapon.

R. was not at all flummoxed by that. "She could whip off her bra and remove the wire, then slit the snake's belly with it."

A. must have been a girl scout in one of his former lives, as he came up with something that reminded me of the eternal "cook-out" staple of every scouting experience, "Wrap it with aluminum foil with a chunk of onion, a potato, a carrot, and the snake meat, then bury it in the coals until it is cooked."

I guess in his world, supermarkets grow in the wilderness, or the garden of an abandoned homestead was still active, even in the desert climate...

We had a good time with it, at any rate, and nobody choked to death while laughing.

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