pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

What Mom Probably Thought While Sitting In the Center Bathroom

Last night, Old Gray Mare wrote, "Tonight, I realized that your Mom might be in the way of Hurricane Ivan, although I think you might have tried to tell me that. Has she said much of anything about it?"

Well, yes, she did. At 80, she announced, "We're staying."

Why, don't you know, the Gulf HILLS subdivision is a whole 27' above sea level, so THEY ARE STAYING. The gal whose Dad lived 1/2 block from the beach IS STAYING to take care of her animals. Her husband "had better be home, or I'll never forgive him." He's a pilot, and had been fairying planes to safety for several days. The airport closed at noon, so he's home. The relatives with the eight kids LEFT -- 2 1/2 blocks from the Biloxi beach. They went to the aunt who lives five miles away. Their kids are "all safe", but locations are unknown.

MOM GOT HER HAIR PERMED the morning the storm was coming, (can't possibly weather a hurricane with messy hair, you know) and my aunt who lives five miles inland went too, getting hers done, then spending 2 1/2 hours to get home, a 45 minute drive away normally. They have a generator. As the uncle who moved to their house came out of the shower last night, the electricity went off.

Jenny, who lives in the bayou, (read "swamp" in the DRY season) has not been heard from, but IS STAYING. The aunt's daughter who got the little house six blocks from the beach (right next door to the hair dresser's) went home to Jackson to be with her son. (She comes to Ocean Springs on hair day and all the folks get together, so they are "taking it seriously" as everyone went HOME afterward, instead of doing lunch in the little house.)

I'm still stunned at calling a 27' high protrubrance a HILL... My BARN is lower than that from the house, and the top 30' has been removed from the hill. If you were here, I'd let you hear her phone call. It is a real hoot. She has $300 tucked in her family Bible. (That won't blow away if the house goes, right? Is there something WRONG with the safe?)

One bathroom in Mom's Ocean Springs, MS, house is in the middle of the house, with a hallway offering extra walls. Instead of going to the cement storage hole under one corner of the house and sitting in their lawn furniture, they decided to move into the bathroom for protection.

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