pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Why You Should SLEEP at Work!

Sometimes research just trips my trigger!

The Best Reason Ever to Sleep In

Need an idea? Go to sleep. Our brains go into creative overdrive as we snooze.

The most creative people in the world may be those lazy folks who sleep late and frequently indulge in mid-afternoon naps. Bed--not the office or school--is the most fertile breeding ground for new ideas, reports the BBC News Online of new research from East of England Development Agency.

The researchers found that fully 33 percent of the people they polled said they get their best ideas in bed, while only 11 percent have their top ideas at work. The trick to generating the flow of creativity is to relax and get a break from everyday pressures.

Psychology professor Richard Wiseman told the BBC News Online, "In our dreams we produce unusual combinations of ideas that can seem surreal, but every once in a while result in an amazingly creative solution to an important problem." The most exciting news from this research is how easy it is for us to think up great ideas, but if bosses want that creative energy directed at work, they need to change how we work. "Ideas can come to people at any time and in any place, but to fully reap the rewards of a creative mind, people's brains need to be primed for a new way of thinking," Wiseman advised the BBC.

Short of installing beds in the office, what can be done to boost creativity during the workday?

* Decorate the office with flowers and plants.

* Designate a room on the west side of the building as a "creativity" room. Using the principles of feng shui, the west symbolizes creativity and new ideas.

* Stock the "creativity" room with food and drinks, which offer a great way to get people to relax and stimulate ideas.

* Paint the office walls white, cream, or silvery gray.

So for the good of your company or your school work, sleep in. And take a nap in the afternoon!


How does my classroom stack up?

Posters all over the upper walls, many colored, (some flowers and plants, but all interesting to look at.)

West corner.

Refrigerator. (Small, but it works!)

Top behind posters -- white. Bottom under white boards -- gray.

LA! LA! LA! And good night...

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