pandemo (pandemo) wrote,


Monday at school was "interesting" in the sense of that ancient Chinese curse, "May your life be INTERESTING". We had a family transfer in from Davenport, and one of the boys was a eighth grader, profoundly BD. As in, needing a MINUTE BY MINUTE lesson plan. I found out at lunch from the LD teacher, who emphatically stated that SHE with her 10 students was "simply unable" to handle something like that. So, of course, our school system, after they'd gotten his records, decided the best spot for him was in my 1st hour reading class of 22. Obviously, if a lady with SPECIAL TRAINING to handle difficult students and a small load can't handle him, I ought to be able to while keeping double the numbers on task... Obviously.

He came in, was introduced by a high school boy, and I told him to sit in any empty seat. That was the LAST thing that went well. He lasted 10 minutes... I think that is some sort of a record. I was quite proud of my stuffed room's behavior and reaction. When I have more time, I'll try to put it all down. It's quite a tale.
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