pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Don Forsling's Thought For the Day

He attributed this, but I was drying off after my shower, and I have no idea what he said, as the shower head was still emptying.

But the thought, oh! the thought: Definition of a hick town: One that does NOT have any places you SHOULD NOT go.

Yes! I live outside one of those. Four churches, a post office, a community building, and a lumber yard. Sometimes there has been a restaurant. It comes and goes. Currently, it is gone. A few years back, someone whose wife was a notoriously well-known GOOD COOK opened a restaurant in a renovated cattle shed. Now, the scuttlebutt is that it is on the ropes and likely to close. When your town supports a population of 150, even if you are on the highway, times are TOUGH.

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