pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

More Good News

Yesterday morning I called the repairman who has my printer. Wednesday our curriculum director told me quite snidely that when he called to get the price, HIS TWO items were repaired and ready to come home, acting irritated that mine was holding up the delivery.

I smiled and DID NOT remind him that if we'd waited for him to arrange to get them there, NOTHING would be done yet...

Now, he has one more item to repair.

My i/o board showed up Friday, and will be installed and checked by Wed. when the plan is to deliver the two computers to school, pick up the new item to repair, and swing by MY FARM to drop off the chair and the printer! I thought I'd have to take the truck in to school to get the chair, and find a place to store it AT SCHOOL until it wasn't raining so I could get it home DRY. I am really excited! He also thought he had a cartridge of toner that would fit it. I really like this fellow. He is heavily handicapped, but cheerful and helpful both over the phone and in person. His brain and his heart work just fine.
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