pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Nice Surprise

As I took several new creations to the office to put them in the copy box, one of the secretaries was still there, trying to get the bugs out of the new computer system we'll be using for the first time this morning. Her husband was upstairs (he's the guidance counselor, but also has control of the program in use), so her high school aged son was home alone.

He called her to say he'd made supper, and he was upset because nobody was there to eat it. He solved the problem by BRINGING IT TO SCHOOL. Soon he popped his head in the door with a plastic plate with two meat loaf balls (he used a muffin tin to bake them in) and a mess of fresh garden green beans and asked if I wanted supper.

I had half a loaf of farmer bread (the kind I tear off and dip in the spinach dip, which is not at school yet) to go with it, and ice water. It was delicious.

Before I'd finished, he showed up again with one lone meat ball in his muffin tin and offered it to me. I put it in the fridge and will have it for lunch today, I think. With MILK, because the cafeteria will be working by then!

Random acts of kindness work for me!

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