pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Fire Breathing Dragon

"Captain Drake."

"Cap'ain Dragon, ya 'member that reward ya offered for news 'bout the big blue-eyed Injun?"

"The Chief’s second son? Yes." Captain Drake's crispness crinkles the wire.

"Is it still good?" The caller tugs nervously on his ear.

"Yes, depending on the value of the material." His voice drifts away as if he were holding the phone with his shoulder while paying attention to something else with his hands.

"Well, he been comin' inta Broken Lance." His smile reveals very bad dentistry.

The rustling paper sound stops abruptly. "Onto US soil. That's interesting. Go on."

"He's besotted wit' anutter White woman. Not as purdy as the first, but similar in colorin' 'n build."

"Named?" booms his official-in-charge voice.

"Cain't 'member. I ain't got it writ down, but she's a'teachin' out ta the res, so it ain't gonna be too hard ta come up wit'. She's the onlyest White female workin' out there."

"I see. Are you still at the same address?"

"Yup." He exudes satisfaction.

"I'll check it out and get back to you." Captain Drake smiles as he hangs up the phone.

Last updated 12/18/13. 2/25/02.

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