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Myrrh snuck in the other day and just begged to go into the utility room where the science diet cat food is kept, so I let her. Then, while I was washing the clothes, I happened to rub her and feel the individual bumps. Since the weather is so lovely outside, I decided I didn't need another back room litter this year. Yesterday when she came in, she was skinny. No idea where she had them. Out in the field or in the bales of hay, as she came from the southwest, not the buildings.

This is her second litter this year. Four were born around the porch, or brought there once their eyes opened, I can't remember. One mother brought hers, one had them there -- and I'm thinking without looking it up that Twistatrill had hers there, and they eventually migrated under the trailer proper, leaving the field clear for Myrrh's litter...

Lots of Mellow Yellow clones in all three litters, but no sign of him for nearly a month. I'm afraid something has really gotten him this time. I hate it. I always lose my favorite toms.

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