pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Bird Feeder

My lovely wide front porch steps have evidently found yet another use: bird feeder.

The cat food I've been scattering there for the outdoor kittens, who were too small yet to reach the top of the tree stump, was attracting 'coons, possums, and the skunk, but now my cousin Steve suspects it is also serving as a bird feeder. He wasn't talking about the pair of blue jays who steal it from kittens and peck pieces out of the cracks between the boards...

Steve, who is from Wyoming, has seen lots of eagles. In emails over the past two days, he wrote:

Is your trailer tied down? He might move it to another property! Just kiddin'.

That is an unusual experience. I wonder what is was interested in. He was probably perching there to wait on a cat so he could drop the short distance for an easy meal.

I answered: He hasn't noticeably cut the population here yet...

The trailer is strapped down. He wasn't THAT big! That would have to be a condor.

Marthy heard the same noise when she was down here, but I was still calling it my 'coon then. You remember the little guy you met.

I had cleaned the fridge out and disposed of a lot of vegetable and meat items that were past their prime. Maybe some of that? I'm really not sure what eagles eat except fish...

To which Steve replied: They eat just about anything they want. I watched one almost get a full grown male Doberman once. Another time I watched one make 2 diving passes at a standing young antelope. Both times the mother antelope stood up on her hind legs and flailed her front legs above her baby. I have seen them be successful in picking up full grown rabbits and never touch the ground.

Hummm.... So if the cats stay around the porch, they get eaten by the eagle, and if they leave, the coyotes get them... Gotta love nature, red in tooth and fang. At least the current rat population has been pretty well taken care of.
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