pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

First Ride -- TB

I remembered Terry B. climbing on Pandemonium Exquisite, a three year old registered Saddlebred with hazel colored eyes, a buckskin who could trot level... a really nice mare.

When Terry met her, she was living in a pasture that was on the north side of a gravel road and was 95% CANADIAN THISTLES higher than our heads. The horses had woven paths through them, which were grassy. In the middle of the real long and narrow pasture was a creek with steep banks. There was a crossing place, but otherwise, it would be quite a bank to bank leap, with a steep drop if one failed to make it.

We were standing there, petting horses as we talked. For the life of me, I can't remember how the topic came up, but the bottom line was, Indians break their horses by mounting and riding until the horse is "broke". (IE quits fighting and does pretty much as the rider wishes.) Now, this was not done in a nice round corral, nor on a roped and hog tied and saddled animal... and could take DAYS.

I can remember George B, the Wall cowboy, telling about a ride he or someone he knew, I forget which, took on a wild horse. It was in a saddle with headgear, but the idea was the same. You got on a wild horse and didn't dismount until it was tame. The story he was telling, the guy got into a fence, a snow storm, and I forget what-all -- a pretty hair-raising experience. He also worked in that you didn't get off to go, hence the expression, "poor pee out of a boot"... Three days in that story did it. They ended up in a sod hut's sod barn for the duration of the storm, so frozen on... well, I've got to get Fayzee's corrections/additions, it's been too many years. That story needs to be a separate entry, too.

Anyway, Terry climbed on Quiz as I held her by a hunk of mane pulled under her neck so that it FELT like she had some restraint, but when Terry just hopped up, she panicked and bolted. I couldn't hold her, and they were off at a dead run, heading across the pasture the narrow way, right toward the creek. She slid and turned just before she would have had to take off, and that was a good thing, as a young horse is not adjusted to the changes in what its capabilities are when it suddenly finds a rider on its back.

I kept thinking Terry should jump off rather than go across, but later he said he could feel her muscles change and knew she wasn't going to take the creek. It got my heart into my throat at the time, though!

So then she's dashing frantically around and over and through thistles, and she's pretty thin-skinned, so she's staying pretty panicked. I keep wondering why Terry doesn't JUMP OFF. She is finally heading right for a five strand rusty barb wire fence. I think she's going to dump him face first into it, or try to run right through it, ripping them both to pieces... He stays put again, and my heart is again in my throat, expecting the worst.

But she stops. She's now tame with being ridden. She's not a wild horse, but a hand raised one, and once she realized that he wasn't hurting her, she just stopped. Everyone there will never forget that ride... even though it was only about five minutes long...

Generally, the type of more controlled thing I did to start the horses took about 30 minutes and was pretty BORING.

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